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Installment #35: I'm Back! I Think

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Well, today is Sunday February 13, 2022, and this is my first blog post of the new year. What’s been going on with me? Where have I been? These are two questions that some days, I have a very hard time answering. The short answer is, I have started a lot of blog posts but not finished them because something keeps coming up and it has been difficult to find the time. In other words, I've been busy, busy, busy!

In early September, I finally started the Assistive Technology Instructor Online program that I left my job more than a year and a half ago to do. It took some time and a lot of back-and-forth between me and the appropriate parties, but I got the call that I was in the program on September 9, and I began working on the course material on September 10, 2021. I was ecstatic, because I was finally getting the start the second chapter of my life, a career as an assistive technology instructor/trainer. As I said, it is an online program which means I did not have to travel to the school and be away from my house, my wife, and my life here in Charlotte, NC. But that does not mean that I don’t have much to do. In fact, there is always something to do. A ton of course work, we have to study all the time because we’re all the time are taking tests, and we are learning all kinds of assistive technology both inside and out so that we can then teach other people. Because it is a teaching program, you have to get 350 teaching credits, so we had to begin getting them as soon as we can so as not to be in the program for more than twelve months. So there has been plenty to keep me occupied and a lot of things have to happen at the same time, which translates to me being a very busy person. Thus, I have neglected other parts of my life, like my writing.

But this is just a short post to say, that I am slowly trying to bring those things back into my life that I was doing before the program. I was doing a lot of writing workshops and classes, blogging more about my passions like sports, history, and current events, just to name a few of them, and I was working on short stories and things like that that I can share with the world. I would like to get back to those things. At first, it took some time for me to fill the program and course work out, then my wife had an extensive surgery at the end of December, which left me with not a lot of time to get those other things that I like to do done.

I'm still very busy with school, some days even more so than I was in September and October. But I do think that I have developed a routine for getting the school stuff done. Tomorrow, I am going to start back with one of my writing groups because football season ends today and no more Monday night football. The writing group meets every second Monday of the month from now until June, so it won't be a very demanding class. This blog post is going up today, about four hours before the Super Bowl, and it will be my first post in four months. From here, we’ll see how things go. This I do know, I will be graduating this summer and will be certified as an Assistive Technology Instructor. But that is only part of what I want to do. The other things, which I have been neglecting because of business, are just as important. And so, this year is about trying to ease my way back to those things and then incorporate the Assistive Technology piece as well. All of this to say, I’m back! I think.

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