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First Day of Black History Month

Besides sports and maybe technology, History, or the study of past events, is another favorite hobby of mine. Been interested in what happened to folks a long time ago since I was a kid, so much so, that I became a History major my sophomore year of college at UNC-Charlotte. I thought I would teach, however a year after I declared History as my life's work, I fell in love with Theatre and decided I might enjoy a career path in the performing arts better. History took the very back seat. But I still like to read up on historical events and in this new year of 2024, I'm trying to do more of my History research again.

Like the title of this post says, today is the first day of Black History Month. So, for today's Historical fact, on February 1, 1960, the Greensboro Sit-In starts. Four North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College students, Ezell Blair Jr., Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David Richmond took seats at a "whites only" lunch counter at a Woolworth's Department Store in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, and refused to leave until the establishment closed. The non-violent protest grew and continued over the next six months until the establishment integrated. Though this was by no means the first act of resistance by black Americans against racial injustice, it most certainly would not be the last. The Greensboro Four as they became known, sparked waves of similar protests in more than thirty cities. Check out the linked pages in this post to read more information about just one of the ways that the ones that came before us have said "Enough is enough" to our current power structure. And a reminder, that we need to do as they did when we see that we need to. May not come in the form of a sit-in at a lunch counter, but even today, there are things that we must fight against. We just have to know what those things are and keep fighting.

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